Scottish Dirk with Knife and Fork

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Scottish Dirk with Knife and Fork
This full size scottish dirk is 20" long. It comes with seperate knife and fork as well as the main dirk. It has a stainless steel blade. It is brand new and comes in a box. In medieval Scotland, the Highland dirk was a backup to the broadsword, and was wielded by the left hand while the shield was carried on the arm. Dirks were used to swear an oath upon in Celtic cultures. After the Battle of Culloden the British government troops made the Scots swear an oath never to "possess any gun, sword, or pistol, or to use tartan". Nearly every Scottish male at the time of the oath had a dirk. The dirk was small and was carried everywhere the owner went. The dirk was worn in plain view suspended from a belt at the waist.
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